I want to pass along what a wonderful experience my husband, Mike and I had building our home with Martin Raymond Homes.  We were hoping to build a very unique, special home and therefore were looking for a builder who could really think out of the box.  We also wanted someone who would be personally on site every day…someone we could regularly communicate with throughout the building process. We really struck gold with Marty Raymond!  The number of hours spent with Marty, and his building supervisor, Mark Eggleton, were very rewarding.  Many of the unique features in our home came from Marty’s creative mind with attention to even the smallest details.  Unique ideas, thoughtful research, and concern for a quality home to match our dreams are clearly presented in the finished product. Mike has commented numerous times to others, what great subcontractors Marty chooses to work with.  They were mostly smaller companies, many times with the owners doing or overseeing the work themselves. This ensured quality work done to exact specifications.  Marty had a very respectful relationship with them all and it was obvious that they very much respected him, as well, and wanted to produce exemplary work.  We chose to build our home on a cost plus basis.  Every receipt was presented, categorized, and well documented to create an easy to follow budget.  I was amazed at how extremely sharp Marty was with every detail.  He was great to keep us on track with various suggestions so that we didn’t end up way over our budget with the total project. The finish out toward the end fell to Mark.  He was a wizard at keeping everything on track.  His warm personality and crazy sense of humor made the building process such fun.  The follow up once the house was finished, far surpassed our expectations. These guys build a quality home and want to see that it remains that way.
We have heard so many horror stories about home building.  Our experience could not have been more positive, and just really a lot of fun.  If we were in a position to build a home again, we would only make one phone call, and that would be to Martin Raymond Homes.

Julie and Mike Karnes