martin raymond homesMartin “Marty” Raymond

It is important for me to have you understand Martin Raymond Homes and what is valued by us.  I didn’t hire a professional advertising firm to write a story about the company with all of its achievements and objectives. Instead, from my own thoughts, here is who we are and how the company began.

I started Martin Raymond Homes in 1992, I didn’t just start a home building company, and I started much more, an extended family.  Now I didn’t know I was starting an extended family, I thought I was getting to do what I enjoyed; building homes.  Building a home for someone can start with a cup of coffee and a napkin sketch.  Next thing you know you have built someone’s dream and built a relationship that goes beyond business.  My extended family through home building has allowed me the opportunities to be a part of people’s lives, their children’s lives, kid’s birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, the birth of a child, a grandchild, and as with life, death.  Prior to starting Martin Raymond Homes in 1992, I served in the United States Army and attended Texas Tech University.

I would like to share with you the awards that I received in my career that are the most important to me. “The Generation Award”. The Generation Award is given when you build a home for the parents and then the parents entrust you to build a home for their children.  We have also built a home for the children and had them refer us to the parents.  “The Repeat Award” The Repeat Award is given when you have the opportunity to build a second home for a client.  We have received this award several times.  Our current record with one owner is three homes.  I look forward to breaking that record someday.  Of course, we have the usual awards “Best Overall Craftsmanship” and “Most Energy Efficient Home” given to us by our peers.  We have also been published in some of the most prestigious publications; however, I have never been motivated to buy advertising from the local publications to get voted “Builder of the Year”.  I always believed we should spend our money on taking care of the homes for our clients and honoring our clients with donations made in their name to deserving charities.  Our marketing plan is a little different than most, but it works for us.

It is essential for me that you recognize that no matter who you are or what your dream home is, it is important to me.  When you build with our company; you build with the owners.  Mark Eggleton, my business partner, has been a part of Martin Raymond Homes for more than two decades he is capable and well educated in construction practices. We work together in the field as a team.  No matter if your taste is Traditional, Mediterranean, Modern, French, Tudor, Plantation or Spanish we have built it.  Indoor pools, elevators, barber shops, indoor spas, bowling alleys, rooms that move, safe rooms, basements, butted glass, cabanas, quarters, and some really impressive attics are all on our resume. We do not treat the starter home buyer different than the largest most expensive single family home ever built in North Texas.

I appreciate the time you have taken to inquire about Martin Raymond Homes.

Martin “Marty” Raymond